Root Canal Index

PART1:fundamental knowledge about Root-Canal-Treatment

What is Root-Canal-Treatment?
Removing infection and make tooth healthy.
Importance of dental pulp
Removing dental pulp might bring root fracture
Importance of Root-Canal-Treatment

Preserve teeth harmlessly

Cause of apical periotdontitis

Bacterial ,or Iatrogenic

Progress of apical periodontitis

explained by illustration

About Pain

Pain related to Root-Canal-Treatment

Self Diagnosis

Let`s diagnose by yourself

Success Rate

state of tooth、doctor`s skill、clinical methods affect the result

PART2:methods of Root-Canal-Treatment

Whether do you treat or not?

When the advantage by treatment is superior to the disadvantage

Conventional Root-Canal-Treatment

About non-surgical treatment

Surgical endo

surgical treatment

Perforation repair

MTA is said to be good

removal of fractured instruments

Microscope enable treatment efficient

THe limit of Root-Canal-Treatment

Efficient treatment is restricted to main canal

Evaluation of root filling

Evaluation by X-ray film

Wound recovery after root canal treatment

mechanism of recovery

PART3:risks and difficulty of root canal treatment

Complicated root canal morphology

The shape of root canal is complicated individually

Risks of root canal treatmant

perforation, separated instrument, fracture


Bacteria and Biofilm in root canal

Root fracture

Greatest threat for endodonticallt treated tooth

Troublesome chronic pain

Chronic pain is caused by complicated factors

PART4:How to raise success rate

Doctor skills

most important for result

Sterilized instruments

Battle with bacteria

Rubber dam

Rubber dam is essential

NiTi file

preparation following original root canal and shape with smooth surface

Using microscope is global standard

not visible was weak point

Prevention of coronal leakage

High accuracy of prosthetic after root filling